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When it comes to developing your business so that you can meet your future objectives, there’s no doubt that having a highly capable and motivated sales team is key. Yet hiring the right people for this essential role can be a significant challenge in itself. Happily, there are a number of ways in which you can set your recruitment process up for success, and greatly increase your chances of securing the talent your tech business needs.

Get Specific About Who You Want To Hire

It’s no good posting a generic job advert for your sales positions and then becoming disappointed when the perfect candidate fails to materialise. Instead, the best strategy is to set out precisely who you are looking for, right from the start. Define all aspects of the role, including just who the successful candidate would be working with, and selling to, together with the nature of what is to be sold (there are significant differences between selling to large multi-national companies and to small to medium-sized local businesses, and between selling a product and selling a service, for example). Be clear as to whether you expect the right applicant to have leadership experience or be a self-starter who can sell effectively without much support from a team.

In being clear about the job and its requirements, you can avoid the time and resources wasted on sifting through piles of unsuitable applications and get on with honing your list of interviewees.

Focus On Who You Hire

Consider just what qualities your ideal candidate will embody, whether that is an experienced team player, a highly motivated individual, or simply someone who is prepared to pull out all of the stops to get the results you need. Personal and professional qualities are unlikely to be conveyed by qualifications or previous experience, so tailor your interview questions to get to the root of what makes each candidate tick. It’s also important to ensure that your choice will be a good fit for your existing working culture. Failure to factor this in could lead to problems with morale amongst your current team and even compromise the organisation’s results as a by-product of personality clashes.

Re-Frame The Role

You can tap into an excellent resource of younger, “Millenial” talent by moving away from describing your vacancies as being sales-focused. Many younger professionals feel uncomfortable with the idea of “selling” [1], so frame the role as being centred on “providing solutions”, instead. This simple shift allows talented candidates to feel good about the opportunity and contribute to a sense that they are carrying out meaningful work that is of benefit to others. This is increasingly seen as important, particularly by younger professionals at the start of their careers.

Access The Finest Salespeople For Your Business

A great way to be sure of accessing the finest salespeople for your vacancies is to partner with the experts. At Venditio, we provide a specialised recruitment service that connects tech businesses around the globe with the top sales talent they need in order to succeed. Our secret is that we work exclusively with the biggest names in tech, to curate a talent pool that is second to none, and which tailors each recruitment solution to the unique needs of each client.

We will identify any key areas of vulnerability and put together a fully optimised recruitment plan for your business, together with a bespoke cost savings report and no obligation quote.

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